The smartphone games work: Pokémon sun rom pushes Nintendo

Nintendo thanks Pikachu. The Japanese group ended the third quarter of the fiscal year (ended in December) with sales above expectations: a performance linked to the success of mobile games, beginning with Pokemon sun rom and, in part, from Super Mario Run. The group’s turnover is still down year on year, but the move to focus on video games for smartphones is proving apt.

The budget for Nintendo – Analysts had expected a profit of 34.2 billion yen (280 million euro). It would have been a step ahead of the 29.1 billion recorded in the same period last year. Instead the result of the quarter was 64.7 billion yen (529 million euro). An acceleration that takes 50 to 90 billion yen of profit forecasts for the end of the fiscal year. however, remain in decline (-21%), total sales, a decline attributable mainly to the lack of a successful console, given that the group plans to sell just 800,000 Wii U in a year.

The success of Pokemon sun rom (click for download – The good news comes instead from the mobile segment. And not just for numbers. Pokemon sun rom brought crate 16.7 billion yen is the share that remains at Nintendo after the score total sales with Niantic (game developer) and Pokémon Company (the company that owns the trademark rights). Super Mario Run has already totaled 40 million downloads. Although its prorogabilità (requires 10 euro to unlock levels from the third onwards) it is still to be evaluated.

Beyond the figures, however, the quarter confirms that the strategy of President Tatsumi Kimishima works: the titles of the mobile are not cannibalizing but pushing sales on other devices. In the third quarter, sales of Nintendo 3Ds increased 10% with respect to the hardware, and 20% for software. In other words: the games are selling a lot more and are supporting the rediscovery of devices. The smartphone has thus become at the same time a source of profit and a showcase for other products.

Switch to the new console – Nintendo In the budget reads thus a growth in several sectors, but with one major shortcoming: the lack of a console. But that will soon be remedied. On March 3, it will be launched Nintendo Switch, the modular device designed both for home use and for the mobile one. A summary of the Japanese group’s strategy, given that the console will be accompanied by a new title: “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild”. In the meantime (February 2) will arrive on smartphones fire emblem heroes, one of the games of the year. Shortly after, in March, Super Mario Run will arrive on Android, but has been postponed the launch of another mobile game, Animal Crossing.

Pokemon sun rom has been an almost worldwide success, as well as an exceptional media event: however, the Niantic game is not yet available in China and probably it will not be soon.

Despite GO Pokémon has been accused of causing car accidents, some of them fatal, I will not be the distraction the main reason for the ban. It is very likely, in fact, that Chinese censorship is especially worried about the tracking of the location of users, whose data would end up in the hands of US companies.

Let us recall that GO Pokémon base their game experience on a mix of augmented reality and geolocation, and both aspects are not well seen by the Chinese government.

Also, the game is based on the Google Location Services, which are blocked in China. Although there are some Chinese companies having similar games, based precisely on augmented reality and location services, probably the Chinese government will continue to block such securities made by US companies. And, in short, do not expect to play GO Pokémon in China, at least for now.

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