Information Snapchat

Information Snapchat
As of today’s most popular photo sharing app, Snapchat, it has a new design. Once it has been changed and the service icon.
Users who will update in the coming days Snapchat app will notice, at first, that the icon has changed radically. Old retro camera has been replaced with a simplified and more colorful symbol. Pink, orange, yellow and purple are the colors that predominate new icon Snapchat.
As usual, this kind of change, opinions are divided. Twitter already expressed general trend seems to be averse to change.

More important than changing the design icon, however, it is that Snapchat has suffered interface. The approach, however, is situated directly opposite to the icon. If the icon passed, intense colors “spotted” even the application interface undergoes a drastic simplification, renouncing colored elements.
The top area and button bar at the bottom, both colored by now, have become white. Otherwise, all the elements and features of the app remained in their seats. The new design does not change in any way the structure before application.
Snaphack has a new design and a new icon
Those from Snapchat argue that this simplification wanted the interface to highlight images posted. And, indeed, the attention is now no longer distracted by the interface elements, the eye is attracted only by the content of photos.
Unlike the new icon, which was reached after 300 variants were tested, changes to the interface are clearly auspicious. Snapchat currently has over 400 million users every day and serves 80 million photos and videos.
Snapchat announced Thursday changing the logo and a streamlined design for application without changing the display mode but the cells number of “friends” as announcing plans. Those wishing to take videos for Snapchat in April have 60 seconds to put the images message. This decision came after that in the last six months, consumption of video on Snapchat increased by 40%. Platform Facebook Snapchat was acquired in 2012 through a transaction of one billion dollars.
Announced during the presentation for the new MacBook Pro TV application submitted by the company when Apple was finally included in iOS Apple 10.2 beta 2. The company will launch this application during December, and it will allow Americans to see recommendations for movies / series / TV shows that are available online in digital format.
The new application to the Apple TV takes information from multiple sources and makes recommendations to users about what they should see on their iDevice / Apple TVs. When users decide to see a movie, a show or a TV show TV app redirects them to the service that has that content. Whether we talk about iTunes Store, Hulu, Netflix, or other applications that are available this content, TV application will resend them to users.

Apple chose to launch job easier for users to find video content according to what they want to see and it will probably be highly appreciated after launch. Below you have the first images taken inside the TV application, it will be available exclusively in the US since December launch in other countries will take place later.

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