Fifa 17 will be changed from roots and will be amazing!

Fifa 17 will be changed from roots and will be amazing!

Almost all written about Fifa rumors were true, and it seems that FIFA 17 will bring down sales records. As you know, today was EA Play, the annual conference of the EA Sports updates that were presented in Canadian gaming products. As expected, almost all new articles written by rumors came true and it seems that FIFA 17 will be indeed the biggest change between FIFA series and will knock previous records of sales. I find it hard to put absolutely all the information in an article, but I will try to summarize with absolutely all the new information about FIFA occurred in the last 17 hours. The new way the story of Alex Hunter, a player who wants to get future star in the Premier League, so yes, you’ve got the story will take place only in the Premier League.

Alex is one of the most talented kid in English football academies, a kid with a huge potential, and his story is as FIFA 17. At the age of only 17 years and grew up on the streets of London, Alex has football in the blood and is guided by his grandfather, Jim Hunter, another legend of English football who scored 20 goals in the 1966-1967 season. In FIFA 17, Alex Hunter looking British Premier League glory, but you can even draw you to her career when you decide what club you play and make decisions for him. There are just two weeks before the official launch of the new FIFA 17, players and everyone is dying to see what changes have implemented the Electronic Arts in their new game. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s shirt in Manchester United, along with Frenchman Paul Pogba, a Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuain in attack blond Juventus, these are just some of the things that you should expect in the future. But, as usual, EA was not limited to transfers and statistics. Developers have introduced an extremely interesting, called “The Journey”, which will allow you to get into the skin of one of the great hopes of English football, but also new workout sessions, we huge sites and a series of important changes career mode. Among other things, users will have access to more information about the finances of the club, players will develop in a different way and from management expectations will be realistic.

I’ve written about this new game engine and high impact that will have on FIFA series. However, FIFA 17 is the first edition that will be based on Frostbite, and it shows. There are large discrepancies between some pictures truly amazing that are provided by EA Sports FIFA 17 and Trailers video in the same game that have been published so far, showing that FIFA 17 is very far from being finished not to say finished . For otherwise the very engineers of the game recognize this and the fact that it takes time to know in depth the new graphics engine Frostbite and adapt in FIFA at its greatest capacity for the Frostbite has enormous potential and superb graphics, the latest trailers with Battlefield 1 published throughout the conference EA Play today, giving fans really back. Below you can see a picture published by EA Sports FIFA 17 where you can liken a player in FIFA 17 at the reality, insane!

However, engineers say they are working on the game FIFA 17 for over 2 years but even so Frostbite will really make its presence felt since FIFA 18 or FIFA 19 where both gameplay and graphics will look dementia. Even so FIFA 17 seems fundamentally changed not to say that they represent the biggest change between series, bringing not only a graphics far beyond from what we were used before in the series FIFA and gameplay completely different a new Story Mode and many other things totally changed.

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